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The play’s run was extended partly because Scott caused a delay in the play’s opening, and the play closed prematurely because Scott became ill and was then facing a sexual-harassment lawsuit (Arena and Kennedy 1996, p. The play was later made into a movie for both television and the big screen. The success and reputation of theatrical and movie productions are often based on the actors involved, and the actors in Inherit the Wind include such well-known film stars as George C. Much of the inflammatory rhetoric in the play came from H. Mencken, the “most famous newspaperman in American History” whose caustic comments found their way into hundreds of publications, many which are still in print today (Mencken 2007).

When the Broadway run ended in 1957, Inherit the Wind was one of the most successful and longest running dramas in American history.

It had 806 performances from April 1955 to June 1957 alone, and it is still playing in various cities around the world.

A large number of Darwin celebrations have included showings of the 1960 movie and/or productions of the play.

Of note is that the United Artist marketing department timed their 1960 release of the movie with the 1959 celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the publication of Darwin’s Origins book.

In Act One, who makes a secret visit to Hillsboro Jail?

, which purports to be a replay of the Scopes Trial, are reviewed. The large number of showings of the movie and productions of the plays, both in the United States and internationally, is one good reason for an objective review of the play/movie. The play/movie is especially relevant today in view of the worldwide 2009 Charles Darwin celebrations—due to the fact that Darwin’s book The Origin of Species was published in 1859, or 150 years ago. At least four made-for-television productions were also completed. These include a 1965 version that starred John Randolph, Melvyn Douglas, and Murray Hamilton, a 1988 NBC production starring Kirk Douglas and Darren Mc Gavin (Moore 1998, p. Howard tells Melinda that her father originated as what? How does Melinda respond to Howard's opinion on origin? The Scopes Trial, often called the Trial of the Century, is the most famous confrontation between creationists and evolutionists. The trial involved a challenge by the ACLU to a law passed in Tennessee that forbid teachers to teach as fact the idea that humans evolved from lower primates (Johnson 2001). All three have been exploited by opponents of Christianity, and all three events, as commonly presented, are distorted and twisted retellings of the actual events (Bergman 2010). The Scopes Trial is perhaps the most enduring of the three because it occurred more recently than the Galileo and Wilberforce events, and much more has been written about it.


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