Introduction Poetry Billy Collins Analysis Essay

Introduction Poetry Billy Collins Analysis Essay-69
The poem is written in stanza from and does not have a rhyming scheme, but has plenty of similes and metaphors to set the tone.It’s clear that the poem is written from the poet’s point of view, revealed in line 1, where “1” is referring to Billy Collins and “them” referring to his students and/or readers.This poem is about how readers should take the time to understand and explore poetry.

Collins wants the reader to contemplate the meaning of every detail and carefully understand the interpretation as if it were a color slide.

For example, Collins states in the first stanza, “I ask them to take a poem / and hold it up to the light / like a color slide” (1-3).

The speaker of Introduction to Poetry, Billy Collins, attempts to guide the readers by teaching them a unique and appropriate way to analyze poetry.

The use of personification and imagery, by the author, gives the readers a new perspective to interpret and find the significance in poetry.

This reflects a reader’s relationship with poetry, as the reader is thrown into a maze of words.

Like a maze the reader searches their way through poetry to find a meaning.

In addition, alliteration is revealed by the repetitive ‘s’ sound in the words ‘press’, ‘against’ and ‘its’ because they carry a buzzing sound when they are pronounced. The title, “Introduction to Poetry,” is a representation of a lesson that Billy Collins presented in the poem, attempting to teach his readers how to, not only read poetry, but enjoy it as well.

He wants his readers to begin to explore, dissect, and have an adventure with poetry because a poem is meant to be read with enjoyment and to engross his readers into many poetic journeys poetry continues to divulge. "Introduction to Poetry." Literature for Composition.

Collins lists several methods he would like his students to discover as they read through poetry.

“I ask them to take a poem and hold it up to the light like a color slide.” (line 1-3) In the first stanza, the teacher wants his students to visually explore the poem in a unique w...


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