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[tags: Sociology, Religion, Max Weber, Karl Marx] - By the definition, science is the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment (Oxford dictionary).

This crude definition is elaborated further by a world-famous sociologist Anthony Giddens as ‘the scientific study of human social life, groups, and societies.

Although some thinkers including Auguste Comte, the man who coined the term sociology, thought of sociology as a religion itself1 there will always be differences in the terms ‘sociology’ and ‘religion’.

Throughout the years, sociology of religion developed into a field of study and various approaches of this study were cultivated....

These were presented in sociology texts which take multiple forms, such as reviewing sociological literature, applying or testing a concept or theory, or a combination of both....

[tags: Sociology, United States, Critical thinking] - Chapter One: What is Sociology.It is dazzling and compelling enterprise, as its subject matter is our own behavior as social beings.The scope of sociological study is extremely wide, ranging from the analysis of passing encounters between individuals on the street to the investigation of global social processes such as the rise of Islamic funda..."If instead of just two tick boxes, 'male' and 'female', all students of a college were given a scale from one to ten, with male at one and female at ten, to indicate their gender, how would the publication of the results influence changing room designs for the new college sports hall?- Sociology is something I didn’t know about until I took this class. I learned about how society basically made boys supposed to like blue and girls supposed to like pink.When the studies of the classical period sociologists -Comte, Durkheim and Weber- are examined, it is observed that both general studies have been carried out and the methodology of sociology as a new field of science and sociology of religion have been tried to be established....[tags: Sociology, Religion, Max Weber, Society] - Sociology is defined as the study of human society’s development, structure, and functioning.It is the subject of sociology that provides us with the tools and methods needed to understand an array of increasingly complex and rapidly changing social environments.As a student of the sociology discourse community, instructors have introduced students to a survey of influential theories, methods, and subtopics in this community.You might be asked to write a paper on cultural topics such as gender stereotypes, marriage, or race.Sociology is different from other social sciences because it relies heavily on both statistics and more interpretive analysis than say, English Literature.


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