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Each shop also sells unique weapons or items, but once Sora visits a new shop its unique stock is added to those carried by the various item and equipment shops at Radiant Garden and Twilight Town.

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Maximum Stat is the maximum stat requirement for that tier.

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While the Moogle has a business relationship with Organization XIII, he holds no loyalty to them, and ends up following his best customer, Roxas, when the latter flees The World That Never Was.

The Moogle Shop is also available on the main menu during Mission Mode.

In addition, the recipes for the items from the original game have also been changed, to which some of them even require synthesis materials that are exclusive to Final Mix.

The moogles also award Sora the ability Encounter Plus after synthesizing 15 items which can help with encountering Heartless to collect synthesis materials.

Life and Energy Shield adds to total of both) Multi-Line Implicits choose one of the lines at random, but can roll multiple times (e.g.

Onslaught or Movement Speed, but can roll twice for both).

The Command Shop is present on all playable worlds except for the Mysterious Tower, the Realm of Darkness, and the Mirage Arena, which has a Medal Shop instead.

Command Shops only sell Commands, while the Medal Shop also sells Key Items and Synthesis Materials.


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