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Always eager to serve his country, Webster wrote to Jefferson in 1801 offering an exegesis of his inaugural address (on the ground that “surely every sentence of the philosophical Jefferson must carry with it ”).In his address, Jefferson had declared, “Sometimes it is said that man can not be trusted with the government of himself.

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He was in fact, the first president to come from a family of immigrants.

He lived a life of poverty until he was able to work his way up to the position of army general through sheer determination, hard work, and the aforementioned aggressive approach.

Andrew Jackson is considered to be perhaps one of the most complex political figures in US history.

Some view him as a hero who worked for the people while others consider him to be an aggressive villain who plundered without a second thought. He became the 7th president of the US in 1828, but he had to work all his life to get to this position.

All of which is taken up, and much of it disputed, in Sean Wilentz’s new book, also called “The Rise of American Democracy” (Norton), just over a thousand pages, and, while no steal, reasonably priced at thirty-five dollars. This sweeping extension of suffrage did not come all at once, with American independence or the ratification of the Constitution.

It happened over decades, as new states entering the union adopted new and more democratic constitutions and old states revised theirs to eliminate property requirements for voting and to call for more direct and frequent elections.

His aggressiveness did not go unnoticed by his enemies as he is the first US president who became the target of an assassination attempt. He was just a man who made a few big mistakes but was also admired by many.

1938, if you had a dollar and seventy-two cents, you could buy a copy of “The Rise of American Democracy,” a seven-hundred-page hardcover about the size of a biggish Bible or a Boy Scout handbook. Sentences are short.” Better yet: “A Democracy Theme runs through the whole text.”The book’s authors, Mabel B.

“Those who labor in the earth are the chosen people of God, if ever he had a chosen people,” he wrote.

In the seventeen-nineties, Jefferson’s followers, fiercely fighting Federalist rule, redefined democracy as the Revolution’s legacy, a logic that made Federalism appear inconsistent with the spirit of the Revolution.


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