Kate Chopin The Story Of An Hour Research Papers

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In his essay Chopin's The Story of an Hour, Daniel P.

Deneau, a decorated literary critic, suggests some possible interpretations of the story.

Deneau points out many different examples through out the story to show how Louis Mallard's awakening is both spiritual and physical.

Deneau presents the question whether Louise is "a normal understandable, sympathetic woman or is she an egocentric, selfish monster." Even though celebrating the death of one's husband is evil and devilish, the way she does it makes her a sympathetic character.

This relates to many women who actually undergo a two sided feeling at the time of their husband's death. Although she sometimes loved her husband, the idea that she would have nothing to live for but herself excited her tremendously. This is the same force that we find at the center of Kate Chopin's 1894 short story, "The Story of An Hour." In Chopin's highly allegorical piece, the female protagonist offers an inadvertent and unabashed critique of marital patriarchy simply by expressing involuntary joy at the death of her husband.

Chopin understood all aspects of a women's psyche and brought out the feelings of women and wrote numerous literatures focusing on the intimate desires and feelings of a woman. Upon savoring her newfound freedom, she even prayed that her life would be long even though just yesterday she dreaded that life would actually be long. When she and her sister went downstairs, her alleged dead husband opened…… Discussion: Chopin's "The Story of an Hour" suggests that the affection which can emerge in a marriage of social convenience may…… Mallard Obituary: The Story of an Hour" by Kate Chopin Cover Letter This essay underscores the discriminative attitude towards women in the 19th century. REFERENCE Kate Chopin, the Awakening, and Other Stories, ed. This is in tandem with Freud's view that self is composed to three parts and just looking at the tip of the iceberg could never reveal the whole personality. And her depression has lifted, too, by the prospect of a complete life change: "Spring days and summer days, and all sorts of days that would be her own. With all the references in the story to Louise's heart condition, one can't help but see the metaphor of the weak heart as the repressive nature of marriage in those days. Accessed online it's enough that her life will change dramatically for the better -- why does it need to be a supernatural or sexual experience as Deneau (2003) argues? [Read More] One may wonder how a woman could marry a man if she did not love him, but it is clear that she is doing exactly what society -- not her heart -- tells her to do. hat she wanted to highlight was the fact that marriages in general were wrong because they robbed women of one of their most…… Louise had nothing against Brently and, in point of fact, expressed an objective position in regard to their relationship. [Read More] Mallard accepted the news about her husband's death very graciously. Louise Mallard loves her husband because she has to, because society tells her that she must love her husband, but it is clearly…… Retrieved 30 April 2007 from Expanded Academic ASAP database. It is not that their husbands are cruel or bad in any sense but the mere fact that women cannot live a life of their own is what makes many women feel imprisoned. As we observe people we often learn that they are not what they seem. As shocking as it might have been for some to accept in the 19th century, the truth is that many women actually feel stifled in their married lives. [Read More] The psychological analysis appealed to me because it can be tested with everyday observation.


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