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For example, Simon is the Jesus figure: he is kind, works on the huts (Jesus was a carpenter), feeds the children fruit that they cannot reach (Jesus fed people in the Bible), and he goes to a private place with natural candles on the trees to meditate (similar to going to a church to pray).Simon is also the one who has the standoff with the beast--the boars head on the stick.

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This is where the beast informs Simon that there is no beast to be afraid of: they only have to be afraid of themselves--the beast within.

Furthermore, many experts believe that Jesus had epilepsy (a seizure disorder), and Simon has this condition, too.

- The Lord of the Lord of the Lord of the Lord of evil is a clear understanding of Golding's view of human nature.

Whether this view is right or wrong is controversial.

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In the novel, there are many examples of good versus evil.

One of the main symbols is a beast which destroys the boy's relationship and is the main symbol of evil.

On the other hand, a snail is a good symbol representing a pure aspect of a boy.

- Sometimes "Flying King" corruption and civilization, people find themselves deeper in their own soul, often find the existence of the mind.

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