Lutron Homeworks Pricing

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Old Cove certified Lutron systems come with the highest level of service and quality; standard.We are backed by the industry-leader in lighting and shades, and we are here to be your resource for light fixtures, LEDs, Sivoia QS motorized shades, energy-conscious builds and wellness focused solutions.

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As projects scale up in size and quality, one must consider Radio Ra2 or Home Works. Radio Ra2 is a system that allows up to 200 devices; this includes dimmers, switches, keypads and shades.

Radio Ra2 is a great solution for anyone who wants to retrofit their current house.

After Radio Ra2 hardware is installed, Old Cove enters the 2nd phase: programming. For example, a “WELCOME” button will light a pathway as you enter your property.

At sunrise, shades will incrementally open to gently wake you up with light.

"All these represent significant investments into the residential systems channel.

Lutron Homeworks Pricing

We have thoughtfully developed end-to-end solutions that will help differentiate Lutron dealers and drive more business to the entire custom installation channel.

“This is not just a new exposed bracket, it is an entirely new shading system with a new drive, bracket, wire management and installation system," notes Black.

"It makes installation fast with minimal light gaps and hidden wires. A lot of the magic in the system is what you can’t see in terms of engineering to do things like be able to drive the fabric all the way out to the edge of the roller to minimize the light gap.” Other features include ultra-quiet motors and a new hem bar.

These products expand the offering and reposition some of our system boundaries," says Rich Black, director of residential business development.

One of the biggest reveals from Lutron is its new Palladiom Shading System with exposed rollers.


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