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In this project I used machine learning algorithm naïve bayes and support vector machine algorithms for classification and NLP (Natural Language processing).

Tech Thesis in Construction Technology and Management from NIT Trichy, India. Are there supervisors present there has a knowledge of tools like Dynamo?

And they tend to express their stands on social media website about products, movies, sports, social matter and even on government policies.

With more and more people coming online, social media becoming one of the top medium for opinion sharing.

However, it will be your supervisor who must be able to help you into lower waters if you end up in deep waters.

M Tech Project Thesis A Perfect Day For Bananafish Essays

If you have no prior knowledge of the issues I put up earlier, then consider if it is a good idea to do this as a master thesis project.

I am little bit confused about my topics, so can anyone suggest me some topics for my project which include Revit and Dynamo. No matter how much you work with Dynamo you also need to know something about textual programming in Python. Dynamo is only something to support your disciplinary background.

What is your level of skill in revit/dynamo, what are you interests in the industry, it sounds like you’re asking for a problem statement which should really be decided by yourself from your desire to change or investigate a topic of interest to you How is the environment in your department for working with visual programming software?

If you were a student coming to me with this question, and I didn’t in advance knew you and your competences I would ask you to do a preliminary project showing your competences, a master thesis is a serious matter. Olesen you guys said it perfectly - you need knowledge around what you want to do and around the concepts and around the software to use it well.

Yes that’s a lot of ands, but when the sky is the limit there is no ‘one way’ to use these types of tools.


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