Master'S Thesis Or Master'S Thesis

The Gallatin School was created for the student whose academic interests cross the boundaries of traditional departments and who wishes to look at these interests through an interdisciplinary lens.

With the guidance of a faculty adviser, students combine course offerings in two or more academic disciplines or professional areas to construct an individualized and integrated program of study.

Italic type may be used for quotations, words in a foreign language, occasional emphasis, or book titles.

For the sake of readability, it is recommended that the text of the dissertation be double-spaced (except for footnotes, long quoted passages, and lists of tables and figures, which are single-spaced).

With diverse goals, Gallatin students are often intellectual and professional pioneers, mapping new relationships among fields of knowledge.

Students are encouraged to draw on the educational resources of NYU’s graduate and professional schools and of New York City.

Writing a thesis is optional for some master’s programs and not required.

There are abundant opportunities for personalized interaction with faculty through research courses, independent studies, and seminars.

The hallmark of the Gallatin program is the student’s opportunity to tailor these choices to fit his or her distinct passions and goals.

Students are also encouraged to take advantage of learning opportunities outside traditional classroom work in the various graduate schools of New York University.


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