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Marx's strong beliefs in what would make society thrive werein the materialism approach and Weber's was in the idealism approach.Karl Marx believed that the majority of societies problems came from the industrialcapitalist system; this is the system that was making the rich When it comes to anthropological theory the combination of several established ways of thought often result in a completely new and independent way of thinking.We imagine ourselves as being more than we are and in this we see how powerful images are.

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Sato also uses paradoxes to explain materialism and happiness. Westerners live in a society on a pursuit for materialism.

For example Sato uses a paradox that says “as societies become richer, they do not become happier.” (417 SATO) The statistics she claims proves that paradox makes me wonder where our society is heading in terms of happiness. Their homes are rich and lavish, full of beautiful, yet functionally useless, gizmos that appeal to their visual tastes.

Advertising has also become a primary determinant of our satisfaction, and is only a small part of a larger materialistic culture in which we are not only enticed customers but also prominent consumers.

We have been beguiled into believing that material possessions will bring satisfaction and happiness.

My cell phone, for instance, describes me in many ways.

It shows that I am very talkative, professional, can afford expensive phones and accessories, and that I like to stay in touch with family and friends.It displayed all of the new features that came with the phone and the new billing plans that came exclusively with this phone.I wanted to be one of the first to own it so I went that same day and paid an extremely high fee to up-grade my phone and my billing plan.Cultural Materialism is one of these children theories that resulted from a coming together of social evolutionary theory, cultural ecology and Marxist materialism (Barfield).The goal of cultural materialism is to explain politics, economics, ideology and symbolic aspects of a culture others by their wealth.According to historical materialism, the mode of production would determine and foster mankind’s ideas, values, and beliefs.Many opponents of Marx attacked his “impossible” Communism but neglected his contribution in defining the relationship among important production elements.People frown upon individuals who drive a beat up Chevette, but react with respect and envy to the individual driving the Mercedes Benz, when both vehicles are capable to drive from one place to another.There is a growing pressure to have new, and expensive things no As one of greatest figures in human history, Karl Marx introduced not only Communism but also historical materialism to us.I also want the reader to leave with a sense that this story delivers an important statement, which is relevant to our contemporary understanding of gender.Introduction: Needs to grab the reader's attention, convince them that this is an important topic decisions that create the world we want to live in.


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