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Hover your mouse over the individual icons to view the tooltip explaining the function of each button.Use the Sigma () to enter a math equation into the Question Setup field.One of the easiest topic ideas is to write about a specific mathematician or historical moment in math.

In addition, some teachers are willing to arrange an after school meeting for students who want help with editing.

Use the Rich Text Editor to apply formatting such as bold and italics, or to insert images or tables.

Students entering text are not prompted by Spell Check so they must carefully check the document themselves before submitting a question Math teachers might use the Essay question type when they want a student to fully explain their work or to complete an applied mathematics problem.

Science teachers sometimes want students to explain a concept or outcome of a science experiment and back their claim based on evidence.

They may want to read and analyze the ideas of major mathematicians.

The student may adapt specific math concepts to help them solve real world problems.

It gets the student directly involved in learning and allows them to incorporate their own experiences.

In addition, writing about math can help to solidify new information in the student's mind.

Students can type in the units in a Text Block while answering a question with a numerical answer without having to switch back to the Text keyboard.

to explain why certain choices are incorrect, or why you chose to allocate a certain percentage of possible points to alternate answers.


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