Medal Of Honor Recipient Essay

The goal of the program is to foster Medal of Honor recipient values — courage, commitment, sacrifice, patriotism, integrity and citizenship — among middle and high school students, said retired Col.

Roger Donlon, who received the Vietnam War's first Medal of Honor in 1964.

At a young age Bill Crawford learned to defend himself by boxing in his home town of Pueblo, Colorado.

As a soldier during World War II his fighting skills were put to the ultimate test.

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Educators from nine school districts in Middle Tennessee learned about and considered implementing a character development program that draws on the experiences of Medal of Honor recipients on Tuesday.

Alone and unable to alert his fellow soldiers of the awaiting ambush — with only his rifle and grenades Crawford single handedly destroyed all three enemy emplacements.

As his company advanced, he volunteered to stay behind and aid a wounded soldier only to be captured by enemy troops and endured nineteen months in a Nazi prison camp.

Crawford died in 2000 and was buried at the United States Air Force Academy.

Write or project the six core values of the program on the classroom board: courage, integrity, patriotism, citizenship, commitment, and sacrifice.


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