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Not a lot of individual study is needed, but it's important to have good time management skills to create a very good piece of coursework- as this is 50% of the grade.This subject uses e-submission for the submission of candidate work to EDUQAS for moderated or assessed units/components.

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Visual reference to the product, eg a pack shot (this could be an existing body spray product). Diegetic sound (which could include but is not restricted to dialogue, foley sound and ambience/atmosphere).

Non-diegetic sound (which must include but is not restricted to music and voiceover).

Use of narrative codes and media language to create desire and persuade the audience.

Editing of the footage, soundtrack and dialogue to establish meaning.

Remember, all coursework for first year is completed before Christmas. This is because of the nature of practical work, but ultimately, when a deadline is set, it is the responsibility of the student to submit coursework to an excellent standard and in a timely manner.

Please speak to your Media teacher if you have any questions about the course.Hi I have a coursework to complete for media by the end of december and it's about a body spray ad but you're meant to talk about the person's characterstic aswell...any tips and ideas on how to set it up as in what type of storyline to use?It should focus on the type of people the potential consumers aspire to be.A narrative situation represented in the advert, featuring at least two characters. Variety of shot selection, framing of the image and camera movement.Make sure you look at the relevant powerpoints for you, as the questions for AS students and A2 students are different.The above timetable shows exactly what you will be up to for the rest of the year.'' I'm sorry my wording was poor but heres how to create the body spray task coursework '' Brief Five Brief Minimum requirements Create one television advert for a body spray.The moving image advert should convey aspirations and a successful lifestyle, which is then attached by implication to the product.They have recently made their new Lynx ice chill commercials and they are very popular.Media Studies is as the name suggests, the study of Media.


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