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Nonrestrictive clauses and phrases are "extra information"; if they are removed, the meaning of the sentence remains the same. Newer versions of Word also have built-in citation managers.Memory tip: Try putting your thumb over the information within the commas. If you're using a reference manager (Zotero, Endnote, Mendeley, etc.), you can automatically generate a Works Cited page and correct in-text citations.

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The name can be omitted if it's given in the signal phrase.

Do not put a comma between the author's name and the page number or use "p." in the in-text citation.

The material below is very basic and is common to all school writing.

With the exception of the APA "References" page (which has some very unusual capitalization rules), you can use this material in almost everything you write.

Your own title should neither be underlined nor placed in quotation marks unless it contains the title of the work you're discussing.

In that case, only the title of the work should be punctuated as a title. You can find examples of citation formats here:

If the sentence changes without that information, the information restricts the meaning of the sentence, and you don't need the commas. Other resources to help you format your references in MLA style include the following: Easy Bib, Works Cited4U, and Word 20. How can I cite an electronic edition, such as a Kindle edition? If the work presents electronic and print publication information, the electronic information should usually be cited. How do I cite a blog post, a tweet, a You Tube video, or other online source?

Incorrect example: In Louisa May Alcott's novel, , Christie Devon declares her independence from convention. Although some scientific citation formats do this, MLA does not. The medium is the type of electronic file, such as Kindle file, Nook file, EPUB file, or PDF file. Most electronic readers include a numbering system that tells users their location in the work. Both the print and online versions of the In a citation of an oral presentation, give the speaker’s name; the title of the presentation (if known), in quotation marks; the meeting and the sponsoring organization (if applicable); the location; and the date. For in-text citation, use either the last name, or, if you're using two Power Points, the last name and a short title.

Because this is a book title, we also added italics.

In other words, with any title we want to remove the original formatting and apply our own.


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