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“No, don’t bother, I remember now, it’s very short notice though. ” “Very few; its busy and not all the girls would be prepared to take it on well, you know in case they get a tag rubber is still kinky to lots of people”.

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Sarah and June, Sarah is in the pale blue dress, look after the house and cook - they do model when required. “Some do but I quite enjoy getting sweaty if that’s what you mean - its a super feeling when the rubber slips and slides all over you - look have you finished tea? Edith I’ll help Susan with her things to her room and give her a quick conducted tour if you like.” “Good idea we’ll meet here at 7.00 for a drink before supper - It’s lovely to have you here Susan, make yourself at home and if there’s anything you want just ask for it. Carol led the way to a lovely bedroom with an en-suite bathroom and showed her the wardrobe and chest of drawers.

I’m the basic model and general dogsbody if you like but we usually all pitch in on whatever is needed and we can all do cutting out and making up although a couple of women come in daily and do most of that. “We’ve put a few things here of your size for you to try on if you want to”.

I know I’m not trained but I’ve learned a lot here and I’ve also got a weeks holiday due and if you could spare me I’d love to have a go”. Sunday came far too slowly for Susan and when she awoke she found the weather forecast had been accurate and a thin drizzle was falling.

Monica concealed her delight at the ease with which the plan seemed to be working but feigned surprise and doubt. I don’t know - how do you feel about the style of things you would be modelling? No, Janet left - married and is in Canada, yes she was good wasn’t she. secretary - no she’s not trained but I’m sure she’d do well and she’s the only one who matches your specifications. She had decided not to go overboard with her appearance and wore over conventional underwear, other than a pair of thin plastic pants, her black PVC rain suit of tunic and trousers tucked into a pair of glossy fashion wellingtons and the matching calf length mackintosh and sou-wester style hat.

Students are first asked to reflect and discuss components that make for a strong lab report.

After a take-up discussion, a summary of the discussion is provided, as well as a sample report from a previous year.“OK - but remember you wear what you want - no one will mind”. The rubber had been a bit cold to start with but now it had warmed and she was enjoying the touch of it on her body and also the scent of it, which she realised, permeated the house.She looked at herself in the mirror and as she turned the latex rippled and rustled and the glistening folds gleamed in the light. “It suits you - you look delicious come on let’s get started”.“That doesn’t worry me - I’m - well I don’t sleep around but I’m more interested in, well, my own kind does that shock you? Shiny rubber stockings and glossy patent court shoes completed the outfit.Edith had watched for her reaction and spoke again before Susan had a chance to say a word.Students are encouraged to read and provide feedback on this report.More specifically, students are asked what they would have done differently.But be a dear, have a quick look at the lists and come back”. That evening from home, having changed into a pair of yellow latex lounging pyjamas she spoke to Edith Clark on the phone again. No, I don’t think she suspects - anyway even if she does I don’t think it would matter. - Well she quite openly said she was one of us when I mentioned it was a “Woman’s” house, and I’ve got a feeling too that she’s more our way than she would admit - but we’ll see and she has taken the brochures home - I checked. Yes, and I’ll keep all my fingers crossed” At much the same time Susan was in her flat.With the office to herself Monica pretended to be busy. Susan can you get down there on Sunday - say by teatime? No, I can’t get down this weekend - I’d love to but I really do have a pile of work on. Although she had reminded Monica of her PVC rain suit and mackintosh she hadn’t mentioned she had much more, nor that she had had a longish relationship with another girl but who had been “turned off” when Susan had revealed the depth of her submissive nature and her love for PVC.Monica Brown sat behind her desk in the offices of the modelling agency she owned. She called in Susan, her secretary, when she had been through the post and handed her one of the letters to which was attached a brochure: “I seem to remember something about this firm”.Susan, in her early 20’s looked at it and replied: “Yes, we sent Janet down about 18 months ago - I checked our records and she is one of the models in the brochure I’ll check to see if we have anything else on file if you like”.


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