Most Creative College Essay Questions

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A way to start brainstorming for this prompt is to answer this question: If you could travel anywhere in space or time, where would it be, and why?(If your answer is “Westeros,” you might want to think again for a locale–imaginary or real–that is not quite so popular!

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So before you dive in, just remember that if they could do it, so can you!

Your goal in writing your Chicago extended essay should be the same as ever: to reveal something new to admissions.

After you finish writing, revisit the question again to ensure that you have fully answered it and addressed the “why” part of it.

Remember, when it comes to all of these extended essay questions, you have OPTIONS!

There are countless ways to approach this question.

Perhaps you want to analyze the question from an economical standpoint, explaining how customers have a finite amount of space in their stomach for soup, salad, or breadsticks just as each Olive Branch can only hold a limited number of customers.Think about where you’d like to be five or ten years from now – your career or the impact you’d like to have or even just a geographic location. How will your scholarly and social pursuits help you grow?Show admissions how U Chicago is the bridge between the person you are and the person you hope to be., and this first question is no exception!Eventually, the winning topic reveals itself- trust us, it always does.That said, we know it can be hard to turn on the faucet, especially under pressure.Or maybe, having learned about Georg Cantor’s diagonality proof in physics class, you want to argue the case for O. Perhaps your interest in the environment has prompted you to research theories of exhaustible resources that you can easily apply to this question.Whichever direction you choose to go, make sure that you offer a unique, thoughtful argument backed up by concrete evidence.As you begin brainstorming for this prompt, remember that these questions are BEGGING for you to have fun with them.So roll up your sleeves, get your creative juices flowing, and start brainstorming!)As with all of these prompts, this question gives you the opportunity to showcase a new passion or area of expertise.Maybe you are obsessed with science fiction, World War II history, astrology, or physics; whatever your interest may be, you can use this question, and your selection of a locale, to explore that area further.


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