My Freshman Year Rebekah Nathan Essay

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The classroom is also very different from what foreign students are used to.

Almost all of the foreign students noted that it was much easier to pass a class than they were used to.

And she came to understand that being a student is a pretty difficult job, too.

Her discoveries about contemporary undergraduate culture are surprising and her observations are invaluable, making My Freshman Year essential reading for students, parents, faculty, and anyone interested in educational policy.

While sometimes this isn't a bad thing, it leads to some students feeling alienated.

In this chapter Rebekah Nathan interviews a lot of foreign students and tries to get their opinions on American schools and compare them to the schools from the country they originated from.They also noted that some instructors asked for student's opinions, and some foreign students didn't know what to say, because they were never really asked for their opinion before.A lot of the foreign students complained we were very ignorant to other cultures.Toshi explains that normally she would swap phone numbers in Japan for future contact, but here in America when we say "see you soon," these words are empty.A German student reported that once a young woman asked "How are you?In chapter 3, our author Rebekah Nathan examines the students over the community and diversity at Any U.At the beginning of the chapter, Rebakah realizes that instead of wanting to be a part of the community, many of the new students want to keep more to themselves and interact with a few select people.They don't think we spend enough time learning about other cultures and countries, but some sort of understand why.Rebekah Nathan mentions that a Somali student summed up all of their hopes for America: " You have so much here, and so many opportunities.An important thing to note is that students were more interested in becoming friends with a small group of people, rather than being open to a lot of new people.Many of the students like to be seen as an individual, and not "conform" or be seen as part of a crowd.


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