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He was very happy to finally return to the rest of his family.

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Siberia was very cold, and Harry’s mother, father, and sisters had to work in a labor camp, which was still not nearly as bad as the ones the Germans were using.

My grandfather and his brother, Nathan, helped support their family by collecting berries and other types of food.

The entire family was suffering from starvation and six people were living in one room.

The Russians suspected that the members of this particular family were spies and they were shipped to Siberia.

Inspiring, brave, intelligent, strong, motivated, and unique.

These qualities remind me of my grandfather, Harry.My grandfather is extremely important to me because he accomplished many difficult tasks at a very young age and lived through very hard times.He had a very tough life as a youngster, because he was living during the time of the Holocaust.My grandfather has affected my life because he made me realize how fortunate I am to be living the wonderful life I live.He made me recognize the hardships of the Holocaust, and I have since learned to never take what I have for granted.The family sold many of their possessions in order to pay the smugglers to take them to Russia.Although Russia was much better than living under German rule, it was still in horrible conditions.One unfortunate day, my grandfather became very sick and was thankfully rushed to the nearest hospital.He stayed there alone, at the age of six, with no one by his side.My grandfather was four years old when World War II began.He was living in Poland with his family at the time.


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