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As NYU students will tell you, constructive debate of ideas is integral to life on campus and something that is emphasized in the required coursework students are asked to complete.The reading- and writing-intensive College Core Curriculum maintained by the College of Arts & Science, for example, includes mandatory courses such as Texts and Ideas and Writing the Essay, which ask students to take positions on a variety of sociopolitical issues.Do you practice your religious belief or unbelief in a specific way that shapes how you move through the world on a daily basis?

You and your fellow students will likely be hundreds or even thousands of miles from home, and while you might not get homesick that first semester, chances are you’ll feel those pangs at some point during your student experience.

As a consequence of these factors, the NYU Admissions team wants to admit students prepared to handle difficult situations who can approach failure opportunistically—applicants who possess the emotional maturity and resolve to get through a tough time and come out the other side an improved person.

New York City, while one of the most dynamic and fascinating cities on earth, is not necessarily the easiest place to spend your college years.

Centralized around Washington Square Park, NYU’s campus lacks the rolling hills and quad of the prototypical American university.

Think of yourself as the director of a feature film. Identify and clarify your passion regarding an idea and tell us about how the journey of taking a strong position changed you.

While NYU typically gets the most attention for its prestigious Tisch School of the Arts and outstanding film program, it is first and foremost a research university (the largest private research university in the US, in fact), so if you’ve spent high school shuffling beakers in the chemistry lab or tackling how to combat the division of cancer cells with some extracurricular research at a local hospital or university, this might be the right essay for you.2018-2019 applicants to NYU’s class of 2023 have a variety of prompts to choose from for their Common Application Personal Essay, which has a 650-word limit.This is fitting, since NYU itself sits squarely in the middle of bustling lower Manhattan, but also has degree-granting campuses in the Middle East and Asia (Abu Dhabi and Shanghai) as well as satellite campuses across the world (London, Accra, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Tel Aviv, Sydney, and more) that give NYU students the chance to choose broadly where and what they want to study during college.In keeping with past years, the Common Application will ask applicants to choose a single prompt to address.When sitting down to write your NYU Personal Essay, you may find it difficult to choose which prompt to answer.Perhaps after a heated verbal exchange with a street preacher you took the time to buy him a bite to eat to unpack his rhetoric and try to understand his divisive position.No matter the example you draw on, know that NYU prides itself on selecting students who can stand up for themselves and their ideas both orally and in writing.Were you that black sheep at your high school who insisted on unicycling everywhere you went?If so, don’t be afraid to go for it in this essay and speak openly and concretely about your passion.Perhaps more than any other university in the US, NYU seeks to admit a truly global freshman class that reflects not only regional and cultural diversity in the US but the world as a whole.Your first instinct may be to assume, point-blank, “I’m just like everyone else.


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