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Personally, I’ve always thought that life itself was miraculous.

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Trying to dig up more stories, he was speaking with a newspaper editor in Calcutta about anything unusual or ignored.

“He finally said, ‘Well, there’s that funny little nun who goes around collecting dying people.’ And I knew I had a story,” said Mc Gowan.

So if you were declared terminally ill, your family had to come and take you home so that there was a bed for somebody else,” he said.

“If nobody picked you up, they put you on the sidewalk to die.” Since 1952, Mother Teresa and her Missionaries of Charity sisters had cared for the abandoned and the dying at their Home for the Dying Destitutes. It was so crowded they couldn’t even get up and go to the bathroom,” Mc Gowan recounted.

She was every bit a 21st century saint: a woman from a poor country, tortured by doubt, whose spirituality was focused on care for the disadvantaged.

Nowadays, the trolls would call her a Social Justice might read that there’s “controversy” surrounding Mother Teresa’s canonisation. There are people who will insist Nelson Mandela was a terrorist up to the end, that smoking is good for your nerves, or global warming is “God hugging us closer”.Indian nuns of Missionaries of Charity gesture as they sing rhymes standing beside a big potrait of the late Mother Teresa while taking part in a prayer to observe her 8th death anniversary, at Mother House in Kolkata, 05 September 2005.don’t expect a lot of readers to believe that believers prayed to Mother Teresa, she interceded with God, and that God cured two serious ill people (for detail on one of the miracles, I recommend Mick Brown's thorough and beautifully written investigation, written in 2003).” isn’t enough to sway those who reject the supernatural out of hand, then perhaps unexpected acts of kindness are.And that’s the reason why Mother Teresa is a very 21st century saint.We are hard-wired to be sceptical, while our growing proficiency in the field of medicine convinces us that humans are the masters of their own destiny.But it is indisputable that Mother Teresa picked broken, sick, dying people out of the gutter and cared for them. And, yes, she could be political and hardheaded in the process.“I think that showed in my writing about her.” His Associated Press account from March 1966 was the first international news story about her.Mc Gowan said he didn’t know if he could even explain what motivated her.Nowadays, the trolls would call her a Social Justice Warrior. Mother Teresa became a strong, powerful figure who transformed the lives of millions.That’s the role that my Church offers to all of us regardless of breeding, money, looks or brains – the chance to enter the ranks of the saints.


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