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IMPORTANT: When a supplemental essay is optional, we encourage you to still write one, especially if you are an international student.

There is some truth to the somewhat humorous commentary that’s commonly heard: “it’s optional for those who don’t want to get accepted.” However, that’s not always true.

The admissions requirements include: As opposed to the schools listed above that offer no application fee but have some form of essay or writing sample as part of their admissions requirements, below is a list of colleges with no application fee and no essay requirement.

Each of the schools has a short description and lists some admissions requirements.

Below is a list of some colleges with no application fee.

Each has a short description and some admissions requirements, which many include an essay.their rankings, acceptance rates, and submission deadlines in our resource library.You can also read more here about what you can do in your application to stand out to these no supplement colleges, since you won’t have a specific essay for each of them.______The Spike Lab is a group of world-class college admissions coaches who specialize in innovation and entrepreneurship education.Keep in mind that each school does require an application fee, so you may still want to limit the number you apply to, but, for the most part, these schools don’t have to count toward the 6–8 school limit we usually recommend for our students.Also keep in mind (and this may sound obvious) that you should only apply to colleges that you can imagine yourself going to. Many of the colleges on this list are not creme de la creme schools (with several notable exceptions) but could make great safety or match colleges.Our coaches guide their students to identify and execute a passion-project (“Spike”) of deep, personal significance that has real-world impact and helps them stand out to top American universities.Click here to view all our free, downloadable guides and tools, and sign up for our newsletter.On average, our students go through 6–7 drafts of each essay they work on. Fortunately, there are several colleges that either don’t require a supplement or give the choice of an optional supplement.Therefore you don’t have to spend almost any incremental time on these applications.Thomas is a Miami-based institution of higher learning.The school has a 50-year history of scholastic excellence, community leadership, and faith-focused values.


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