Nonprofit Business Plans

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There are similarities between nonprofit incorporation and starting a for-profit business, but incorporating a nonprofit isn't quite the same as launching a for-profit startup, and like any business, it will present some challenges along the way.

The Vision Group, founded by Mike Stickler, is an organization that helps other nonprofits get started.

For example, "balance sheet" is what nonprofit call a "statement of financial position", "profit and loss statement" (or income statement) is essentially the same as a "statement of financial activities".

Also, the core contents of a Business Plan as listed above are very similar to the core contents of a nonprofit Program Plan because a nonprofit product or service is conventionally referred to as a program. Before you start a major venture, there are several considerations about yourself that you should address.

When we think of entrepreneurs, we tend to picture big names like Steve Jobs or Elon Musk, who founded major for-profit companies.

However, plenty of entrepreneurs fly under the radar by creating nonprofits that benefit society.Running a nonprofit business offers numerous benefits.In addition to making a meaningful difference in your community, you can receive public and private donations to fund your efforts and gain tax-exempt status if you file for 501(c)(3) status with the IRS.However, most business plans address the following five topic areas in one form or another.In many cases, an organization will already have in its possession some of the information needed for preparing a business plan.Also consider What Do We Need -- Strategic or Business Plan?Business Plans vs Strategic Plans Business plans appear in many different formats, depending on its purpose and audience and also the complexity of the venture.The manual includes numerous links to other free resources as the reader goes through each section of the manual.Preparation for Planning a Business Venture The following resources are helpful whether your planning is for a for-profit or nonprofit venture.For example, in the case of nonprofits, grant proposals often contain some of this information. For-profit and nonprofit business plans have many similarities, even though the phrase "Business Plan" is usually associated with a for-profit organization.Some of the terms are different, but in most cases, the words in a for-profit Business Plan can be readily translated into words more commonly associated with nonprofits.


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