Nutrition Thesis Proposal

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After you've completed your thesis, you must present it and answer questions from your committee.Your committee then decides if your thesis is a pass, pass with modifications, or not passing. In this case, you have 1 week to make modifications.

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Some of the issues you should consider include: The final product of ND/SNES 590 is a very rough draft of a potential thesis.

You can use this as a starting point to enlist a faculty mentor and two committee members to work with you on the final project.

Thesis proposals vary by department and discipline.

Please see your department for proposal guidelines and requirements.

Your mentor must be a Marywood faculty member from the department that houses the program in which you are enrolled.

The other two committee members can be other faculty or people outside the University. Thesis credits are divided into 595A, 595B, and 595C. 595A must be finished before you register for 595B or 595C.If a student elects to follow the thesis option for the degree, a committee to direct the written thesis will be established.The thesis must demonstrate the student’s capability for research and independent thought.The thesis committee must be composed of a minimum of three approved graduate faculty members.The completion of a minimum of six hours of thesis enrollment is required.The IRB approval letter should be included with the proposal form.If the thesis research involves vertebrate animals, the proposal form must include the Texas State IACUC approval code.After signing the form and obtaining committee members’ signatures, the graduate advisor’s signature if required by the program and the department chair’s signature, the student must submit the Thesis Proposal Form with one copy of the proposal attached to the dean of The Graduate College for approval before proceeding with research on the thesis.If the thesis research involves human subjects, the student must obtain exemption or approval from the Texas State Institutional Review Board prior to submitting the proposal form to The Graduate College.After a mentor has agreed to work with you on your project, you must sign up for your mentor's section of ND/SNES 595A.This section involves completing a polished version of the first 3 chapters of your thesis, defending it to the committee, and submitting it to the Marywood IRB. It is wise to register for ND/SNES 595A during the summer after you complete ND/SNES 590.


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