Online Social Network Thesis

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Salesmen are described as natural persuaders who use subtle and primarily non-verbal cues to influence people’s opinions.

Gladwell assumes that one of the most important function of these people is their acting as translators.

They take the message of innovators and translate it for a broader audience.

Thus, they help to solve Moore’s (1991) chasm problem.

Almost any article about the analysis of social networks and the flow of information starts by mentioning Stanley Milgram’s famous small-world experiments of the 1960s. The first half of this article is about the main findings of classic research on information diffusion through social networks.

Afterwards we will focus on a special kind of social networks: the online kind.

Today, thanks to technological advances and the spread of popularity of social media platforms, social network analysis is much more fruitful these days.

People’s connections with one another are readily observable in form of follower-following relationships or graph of friends.

(2000) Gladwell analyzes the spread of any trend or social epidemic — be it technology adoption, fashion trends, or even crime.

He identities three kinds of people who are necessary to spread information like wildfire: connectors, mavens, and salesmen. Jacobs that bring the world together with their large network.


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