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When a youth is being treated for pathological use of the internet, it is important to plan time used for every activity every day.

This enables the patient to reduce time spent on the internet.

However, excessive use of the internet by the youth has adverse effects such as low productivity, wastage of time and psychological depression in severe cases.

The education system and parents have a major role in the effort to reduce excessive use of the internet among the youth.

However, they fail to limit the children’s access to the internet since they believe that it is a major source of knowledge (Breslin & Decker 89).

They also fail to acknowledge that internet can be a source of other dangerous habits and preoccupations.This will reduce the urge to engage in internet social networking among youths.The youth are increasingly assuming inactive lifestyles where the computers and personal digital assistants dominate their activities during recreation time.Internet overuse refers to excessive time spent online at the expense of other things.This could mean becoming too involved in internet activities such as gaming or chat rooms at the expense of socialising or studying.The internet was availed for public use for the first time in1993, and it immediately became popular among young people.It has been a useful tool of information in the society especially for the youth.Finally, the family as an institution can be used to reduce incidences of excessive use of the internet.The family is the basic social institution that determines the course of development of an individual (Subrahmanyam & Šmahel 31).In addition, pathological use of the internet is common among school going youth.Creation of a curriculum that allows more social activities and outgoing behaviour is a viable solution for this problem.


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