Paradise Lost Essay

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On one side, there is sin and on the other there is purity.

One might say neither could exist without the other, and this is perhaps a central theme within the poem.

It is her who ultimately one must hold responsible for the fall of man.

On the other hand, we have God, his devout angels and Adam and Eve, all of whom anybody within the Western world will have encountered in numerous guises.

Despite the volumes written in an attempt to answer this question, scholars studying “Paradise Lost" remain in debate about the subject. Be sure to demonstrate your understanding of what a hero is, and in defending your choice, cite the characteristics and actions that qualify someone as a heroic figure.

Also, keep in mind that throughout “Paradise Lost" Satan and God are not your only options for heroes.

Where he and the other rebel angels scrutinise God’s decisions, God’s loyal subjects, the angels in heaven and then subsequently Adam and Eve give God all of the respect one might royalty; it is unquestionable loyalty, free from doubt and sense.

Politics is never far from art, and Paradise Lost essay questions , essays regarding Paradise Lost, and Paradise Lost essay topics should incorporate such themes in their content as Paradise Lost essays surely cannot avoid the questions of politics, loyalty and especially those of the author.

Paradise Lost essays will inevitably pay a great deal of attention to the characters, who are icons and symbols of concepts that have a powerful place in our shared collective conscience, but perhaps a more astute student should also pay close attention to Milton’s relationship with Christianity and with politics at that time.

Some have stated that Milton himself, the poems author, was very critical of the monarchy, and his apparent support, or the painting of Satan in a rather flattering light, is a byproduct of his own dislike of the monarchy, in the poem, possibly represented by God and the other angels.


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