Patocka Heretical Essays In The Philosophy Of History

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It is true that there is no consensus among phenomenologists concerning either the exact sequence and procedure of reduction or the assessment of its efficiency and even possibility.

In fact, the problem of reduction may be pared down to an attempt at identifying its process, individual steps and purposes.

Some believe that the purpose of this method is to highlight a new area of being, i.e., a transcendental domain understood as a space of pure consciousness, which is supposed to be the equivalent of establishing a new of philosophy.

Certain misleading statements made by Husserl have undoubtedly contributed to such interpretations.

Lectures were initiated by the young Polish philosopher Krzysztof Michalski who had been corresponding with Patočka since 1973 and invited the Czech philosopher to write essays about his phenomenological conception of history for the Polish philosophical revue Znak.

Patocka Heretical Essays In The Philosophy Of History Biography Book Report For Middle School

However, due to the political situation and censorship, only one of these essays, entitled “Does History Have a Meaning?

“Heretical Essays” was written concurrently with the cycle of Patočkaʼs lectures dealing with philosophy of science that took place secretly in Prague from September 1974 to June 1975. Jan Patočka Archive possesses Patočkaʼs typescript of this essay with handwritten notes and corrections.

According to Ivan Chvatík, these lectures and “Heretical Essays” strongly influenced the Czechoslovak intellectual milieu and made Patočka an “important dissident” in the eyes of the Czechoslovak police. This original typescript was discovered in 2005 thank to Czech philosopher and Patočkaʼs friend Jaroslav Kohout.

In 1988, this text was published again in samizdat as part of the Patočka anthology “Archivní soubor Patočkových prací”.

The first official publication in Czechoslovakia before 1990.


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