Perfectionist Procrastinator Essay

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For me, such is the case with challenging yoga poses.Con – You waste way too much time and energy trying to do these little things, and beat yourself up when you can’t do them on the first try.Con – You are constantly busting your butt to live up to that impossible standard and feel mortified when somebody realizes that you are, in fact, imperfect like everyone else.

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Perfectionism is often viewed as a strength, something that makes you a better worker. But perfectionism is kind of like a drug; in small doses, it helps you just enough to make your work better.

But too much perfectionism and we overdose, so caught up in the edits and adjustments that the most you achieve in a day is laying on the floor on a pile of balled up paper.

Con – You stretch yourself thin trying to exude these qualities in every aspect of life, whether it be schoolwork or getting your hair to look perfect (seriously, that takes some persistence).

Pro – You’re excellent at correcting and editing things because you get a secret joy out of seeking out imperfections.

Pro – You can seek out and correct the tiniest imperfection in any area whether it be painting lipstick or painting a portrait.

Con – You have no control over your ability to walk away from a task; you end when it’s perfect. “Nobody’s perfect” is one of the first things to get drilled into our heads as kids.And yet, we all know at least one ultra-perfectionist (even if it’s ourselves).Perfectionism sure has helped me both excel and go crazy throughout my college career, and now that I’ve got only one semester left to my senior year, I can see how it has both helped and hindered me.These are the pros and cons I’ve discovered to being a perfectionist throughout the years: Pro – You generally do exceedingly well on assignments and papers because you won’t hand in anything short of your absolute best.But it’s sad that someone who creates such beautiful work is haunted by it in a wholly different way than his audiences.And it’s sad to think that, had he let his perfectionism get the best of him?Con – You can’t just “get up and go,” nor do you have a quick way of getting ready.If you’re going out, whether to a ball or to the grocery store, everything has to look perfect.Con – You cannot emotionally handle getting any grade less than an A.An A- might as well be an F, because an A- means you did something wrong. Pro – You go the extra mile, even for things you aren’t necessarily interested in.


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