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They can identify wording choices or examples which may have to be rethought to maximize information relevance. I have a lot more thinking of my own to do to figure out how this could translate into an assessment suitable for admissions purposes, but I believe it can be done.They may not know exactly how to do what they need to do, but they can articulate the outlines of an approach. At the least, with the imminent demise of the SAT essay exam we can stop doing active harm.

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It’s a question which students have not prepared for, and yet if they’re thinking like writers, they can answer it.

They know where evidence intended for one audience may not meet the needs of another.

The two readers scores are then combined, so your total score is out of twelve.

If the scores of the two readers differ by more than a point, a third grader is brought in (this rarely happens).

But maybe there’s a different way for us to think about assessing students as developing writers.

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What if we could gain insights into exactly that, as they’re confronted with a writing-related problem?

But by the end of the semester, even when the writing itself seems to lag, I know students are going to be okay eventually if they’re engaging in the kind of thinking writers do.

To assess this, in end-of-semester final conferences, as we discuss their last assignment, I ask what they would have to change in their essay if, for example, we switched up the audience, or even changed the medium of presentation from an essay to a video, or a tweet.

But the exam itself is brutally bad, an example of the limits of testing articulated by sociologist William Bruce Cameron, “Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted, counts.” At its inception in 2005, it is a timed, handwritten essay, written from a prompt following a short reading that raises an “issue.” Outside research is forbidden.

It asks students to produce writing under conditions they would never face in the real world.


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