Persuasive Essay On Drug Testing

(b.i.2) The Social Security Act was replaced by Georgia, Florida, Michigan, and Oregon are among the short list of states that enacted or attempted to enact laws only to be sued by the American Civil Liberties Union, or ACLU.

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"For every student who complains that drug testing is an invasion of his or hers privacy we can show you a hundred parents who have lost their children to drugs.

With drug testing students get a safe environment where they can learn.

The sole purpose of drug testing is to help the student get a better idea on drug education and counseling.

As for drug testing among students being fair, I think they all already know the answer "Don't Do Drugs", if you don't do drugs, then there's no way you can fail a drug test.

This report is intended to familiarize the reader with the history of welfare reform; the histories of drug testing in regards to assistance eligibility; and persuade the audience to vote yes for mandatory pre-assistance drug testing.

b) Body b.i) History of Welfare (b.i.1) The first welfare programs originated with the Social Security Act of 1935.Having the right to reject unnecessary checking and searches is the Fourth Amendment in the American constitution, otherwise known as a person's right to privacy.However, company employers have to ensure the quality of the employees and the safety for all members.This kind of behavior may result to unhealthy relationship between the employers and employees.However, drug addiction is a serious and difficult illness which many people do not become aware of until it is too late.Aside from feeling that it's an invasion of privacy at one point or another a urine sample will be made, whether it be in a doctor's office, or applying for a job.Students need to also understand that there is no punishment, it tested positive the results are not sent to colleges or law enforcement.Therefore it is a low-cost method meant to help fight for our children's future.For example after two years of drug testing Hunterdon Central Regional High School in New Jersey, the school experienced in decline in 20 of the 28 categories of drug use in the whole student population.Let’s take a look at some of reasons why people don’t support drug testing.According to a February 3, 2011 TANF Policy Brief by Matt Lewis and Elizabeth Kenefick of the Center for Law and Social Policy, “Random Drug Testing of TANF Recipients is Costly, Ineffective, and Hurts Families.” Lewis and Kenefick cite a 1996 report from the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism stating that the number of welfare recipients using illicit drugs is on par with the general population’s use.


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