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NAnoparticles can alos be integrated with other materials such as the metal-organic frameworks or molecular complexes for the creation of a CO2 catalytic system. Louie, Department of Physics Quasiparticle and Optical Properties of Quasi-Two-Dimensional Systems Since the experimental isolation of graphene in 2004, there has been tremendous interest in studying quasi-2D systems.

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Dohyung Kim Advisor: Professor Peidong Yang, Department of Chemistry, Materials science and Engineering Nanoparticle Catalysts for Chemical Valorization of Carbon Dioxide Electrochemical or photochemical conversion of carbon dioxide to value-added products has the potential to fundamentally change our traditional ways of harvesting energy and manufacturing chemical products.

Kim's thesis focuses on the use of nanoparticles as catalusts for CO2 conversion and their structural factors affecting catalytic properties are discussed.

We also introduce new computational approaches to make these calculations much faster and more realistic, and we show, for instance, that even the substrate that holds these materials in experiments can dramatically influence the measured properties. Yingbo Zhao Advisor: Professor Omar Yaghi, Department of Chemistry Reticular Chemistry of Mesoscopic Constructs, Glasses, and Weaving Materials Zhao’s dissertation focuses on the development of reticular chemistry, where molecular building blocks are linked into extended frameworks using strong bonds, in the context of nanomaterial design.

Specifically, the dissertation advances the frontier of reticular chemistry is three aspects: (a) bringing metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) and covalent organic frameworks (COFs), the products of reticular chemistry, into nanometer size regime and integrating them into mesoscopic constructs; (b) developing reticular chemistry beyond crystalline materials and synthesizing glassy form of MOFs; (c) Designing woven frameworks where interlacing molecular threads form crystalline three-dimensional frameworks.

CSL seeks to leverage excellence in disciplinary research to have a societal impact through interdisciplinary solutions that address major societal problems.

The CSL Ph D Thesis award is bestowed annually to a researcher whose Ph D thesis makes advances in a disciplinary area that has an interdisciplinary angle.

In order to give unbiased predictions of how these systems behave, we use theoretical frameworks that do not rely on experimental fitting parameters, and use supercomputers to perform calculations.

We show that many of these interesting electronic and optical properties stem from the weak electronic screening in these materials, which a result of their reduced dimensionality and which often cannot be accounted for with simpler models.

The first generation of these devices was fabricated and tested.

The devices achieved the highest luminescent concentration factors yet recorded in literature while maintaining high photon collection efficiency. Daniel Goldman Advisor: Professor Carlos Bustamante, Department of Chemistry A Convenient Partnership: The Ribosome and the Nascent Chain Interact to Modulate Protein Synthesis and Folding During translation, the ribosome reads the genetic code of the messenger RNA, adding one amino acid at a time to the nascent polypeptide.


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