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If you grew as a person, learned about yourself, or developed new perspective, you might address the accident in your personal essay.

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It’s important to remember that admissions committees literally see thousands of applications and they are familiar with a broad variety of personal circumstances.

If your circumstances are not likely to stand out as extenuating or unusual, there’s no need to explain a bad grade.

On the other hand, if the only reason you are addressing the accident on your application is because of its impact on your grades, you should include this elsewhere.

There are probably more important things you could discuss in your personal statement.

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This means we’ll let you know exactly what and when you should be focusing on things like extracurriculars, college essays, standardized tests, and more.Ask a trusted teacher, guidance counselor, or another mentor for their perspective, or consider College Vine’s Kate Koch-Sundquist is a graduate of Pomona College where she studied sociology, psychology, and writing before going on to receive an M. Even the brightest students can sometimes find themselves academically underperforming, often through no fault of their own.You want to put your absolute best foot forward to wow those college admissions committees.Sometimes, though, there are less than flattering aspects of your application that you simply can’t avoid.If you are used to getting all Bs, but then get the flu and get an B- in geometry your sophomore year, the admissions committee probably doesn’t need to hear about it.After all, the grade is not much different from your usual performance, and getting the flu isn’t exactly a unique scenario to face in high school.If you’re wondering what to do about a blemish on your transcript, don’t miss our advice.It’s appropriate to address a bad grade on your transcript in a few different scenarios, but the common thread in each is that there is a perfectly good explanation for your bad grade.This includes things like a serious illness, the death of a family member, moving to a new school, or a similar, unavoidable event.Keep in mind that if you want to explain a bad grade and have your explanation bear any weight, it needs to be significantly different from your normal performance.


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