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One of Hamilton most well known paintings is called ‘My Marilyn (paste up)’; he created this two years after her death states K. The term ‘paste up’ is used by commercial artist to describe the layout ready for production and printing, he arranged the painting into twelve photos on a canvas; ‘their frames identifying them as contact prints from a photo session on the beach’ states Honnef, 2004 (Pg38).Hamilton created other paintings; Interior II (1964), Towards a Definitive statement on the coming Trends in Men’s wear and Accessories (1960) and Trafalgar Square (1965-67).One of the artist transformed objects and human figures into ‘vehicles of generalized statement” stated by Osterworld, 2007 (Pg 83).

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His abstractions and jumbled perspectives give an impression that ‘things’ in the picture are moving, in his works he plays with light effects with the lighting of interiors and colour rhythms states Osterworld, 2007 (Pg 183).

He further developed his work by using different technical reproduction methods, the effects of everyday life and peoples viewing habits such as; photography, film and television played a huge impact, states Osterworld, 2007 (Pg 184.

Lichtenstein followed a series of steps to create his ‘dotted’ images, firstly ‘was to project the original canvas with the aid of a projector, therefore creating a similarity between mechanical production and the world of trivial feelings.

He then covered the face with a dot pattern’, states Honnef, 2004.

[cited 12/12/2010]By the early fifties artists began to realise that their culture was being highly determined by mass media, new technology and by social change this was an effect of increased Americanization of Europe states T. The older generation of artist such as Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth were not kin to reflect the new cultural transformation; it was this that made the Independent group held an informal meeting to discuss the cultural events at the institute of contemporary arts in London states Osterworld, 2007 (Pg 63).

Pop Art Consumerism Essay

Members of this institution include Richard Hamilton and Neil Henderson they were said to be the organisational minds of the groups states Osterworld, 2007 (Pg63).He opened his first exhibition at the ICA in 1951 called ‘Growth and Form’, states Osterworld, 2007 (Pg 183).Hamiltons work portrays highly stylized interiors with human figures; he hides their rear identities behind ‘waxwork’ to match the style of their surroundings states Osterworld, 2007 (Pg 183).Warhol created paintings that can be easily recognisable, anything from panic tables to coke bottles – ‘all the great modern things that Abstract Expressionists tried to avoid’, stated Ostworld, 2007 (Pg 167).One of Warhol’s most iconic paintings was Campbell’s Soup; it was a mixture of painting, silkscreen and a stamp process as well reflected on social background states Honnef, 2004 (Pg 88).Born in New York 1923, Roy Lichtenstien has created some of the most iconic ‘Pop Art’ images of the century, Lictenstiens painting ‘aim to de-individualize and objectivise emotions and gestures’ states Ostworld (Pg 183).He began to use elements of commercial art and comics in his works, cited from 13/12/2010].Blood red capitals, the machine gun, harsh black and white above the dark green jungle leafs symbolised a state of war in ‘Takka Takka’ states Honnef, 2007 (Pg 50).Lictenstien provided an insight into how images played an important role in the war, he used images of guns but never shown a victim he only used heroin text to describe the violent act, stated Honnef, 2004 (Pg 50).The first stage of British Pop Art had focussed on performed media imagery, then the changed in society that brought along the second phrase of Pop Art stated Osterworld 2007 (Pg 75).Pop Art was beginning to spread quickly and by the third phase it was making its presence felt for the first time at exhibition ‘young Contemporaries’ in 1960, states T. American Pop Art also evolved round the fifties, it had major European influences states Osterworld (Pg 83).


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