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We can make the media accountable by not buying rubbishy magazines or watching sensationalist programs.In conclusion, the responsibility lies with us, the consumers.If someone is a famous singer or footballer, we should enjoy their talent on the pitch or at a concert, but we should not invade their family or private life through the media.

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Most ordinary people respect the rights of others to a private life.

However, some people are obsessed with celebrities and VIPS.

Privacy has increasingly become a critical attribute about the Internet.

When innovations using Web and Internet technologies began gaining public acceptance over more than a couple of decades ago, security and privacy were not necessarily part of the foundational designs.

Is it an invasion of privacy, if we place our private thoughts and photos on social websites and other people besides out friends and family view it?

Who really reads the terms of use and conditions in a privacy statement online? If we had to read each and every single line, no one would ever sign up on a social networking site.Through three complementary essays, privacy-related user behavior and their antecedents have been investigated in the contexts of social media and e-commerce.These essays also demonstrate different methodologies and approaches for researching privacy on the Internet.This doctoral dissertation is devoted to the individual human actions that help or hurt in that threat to privacy.Since privacy is an evolving social construct, these actions are analyzed first and foremost through the lenses of generation and gender differences.It is also fair for the media to show contradictions between a famous people’s private and public lives.A further point is that media such as TV or papers are meeting a demand.They begin to act strangely and lose touch with reality.Although, generally speaking, the media should not interfere in people’s private lives, there are times when it is correct to do so.They want to know everything about them, and have an insatiable desire for more information.This essay will discuss whether newspapers and TV should show us intimate details of famous people’s lives. First of all, we should admire what they do, not who they are.


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