Problem Solving Skills For Students

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When we think of problem-solving as a skill, we need to consider how we come up with solutions.

Can our students identify solutions that may not be immediately obvious, or are they stuck in simple, linear thinking? One common refrain educators hear from some students is that they “just aren’t creative like that!

Some will say that is what homework is supposed to accomplish.

But how many of our students take homework as seriously as teachers want?

Like many logical things, creative problem solving is a great theory.

Any educator would be happy for his or her students to become better thinkers.

But tapping into the creative side of some students is easier said than done.

Ebbinghaus would say the key is simple—repetition at the correct intervals.

Creativity really is a skill in developing new or unique ideas, and when we combine this with problem-solving, we get a truly powerful educational methodology to set students up for success.

The common perception of creativity being tied to the arts has led many to believe that it is something only a few artistic people have.


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