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Fro this he further adds that since the fetus of a person has life, then taking it away will amount to killing it, which is the same as murder.Of course from this reason arguments are bound to arise as to when the life of a person actually begins.

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It is estimated that in all married couples in the United States alone, between 10% -15% of them do not have the ability to have children (Grunlan 217).

This figure is so high that more and more Americans are turning to other countries overseas in order to get children of their own and as Grunlan further adds; this figure has been increasing in the recent years as more mothers turn to abortion as a way of controlling birth.

It is not clear as to when life begins, and as so long as a woman feels that she cannot have a baby, she has the freedom to do it since it is not yet clear when the life of a person begins.

Sometimes complications can occur to a pregnancy that may put the life of the mother or unborn child in danger and even at times all of them.

In this case, abortion ought to be permitted to save the physical health of the mother although some of those advocating for abortion have often argued that the mental health of the mother ought to be included when talking about health (white & Baldwin 113).

At this point, the life of the mother is given first consideration as the fetus cannot survive without the mother, and in any case, the chances are that the mother can always get other children if she wants, but there is no way a fetus can survive on its leave alone getting other parents which is impossible.

A lot of pro-lifers would equate abortion to murder, and it is therefore morally wrong and should be outlawed.

Genovesi defines murder as an intentional act of taking away the life of a human being (Genovesi 340).

There are several arguments that one forward in support of abortion.

First of all, any birth of a child should occur when the parents want and not by chance (Potts et al. This way it would go a long way in assisting the world to have an environment where all children that are born in this world have an environment conducive for proper development.


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