Prostitution Should Be Legalized Essay

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Working with instead of against sex workers will lead to more slaves being rescued. While prohibitionists claim that legalizing prostitution has increased human trafficking in the country, the data don’t support them. Now most German sex workers, 74 percent, are foreign born.

But these migrant workers are hardly child sex slaves. A massive study of the sex trade in New York revealed a similar pattern.

I'm not sure where to begin, so I'm just going to make a list.1. STD's are usually contracted from a non-prostitute.3.

The fight against human trafficking could be better fought against.

They accidentally removed the section defining the act itself as a crime while attempting to revise it, though lawmakers didn’t realize the error until 2003.

Over the next six years new cases of gonorrhea among women statewide declined by 39 percent.

There, they are represented by a union and are afforded full police protection when something goes wrong.

Another huge impetus behind the movement to legalize sex work is the current focus on ending the scourge of sex trafficking. Human Rights Council published a report from the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women which criticizes anti-trafficking measures which restrict sex workers.

According to a recent WHO report, “Violence against sex workers is associated with inconsistent condom use or lack of condom use, and with increased risk of STI and HIV infection.

Violence also prevents sex workers from accessing HIV information and services.”It’s not just the WHO.


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