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Undergraduate final honours year dissertations for Psychology dating from 1947 are held in the Library They are available on request from the Librarian.A card index for older undergraduate dissertations is available in the Library.Rojas PDF The Development and Validation of the Physical Appearance Comparison Scale-3 (PACS-3), Lauren M.

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Fletcher PDF An Examination of Underlying Causes for Differences in Affect-Rich and Affect-Poor Choice, Elizabeth M.

Fuller PDF You’re Not Helping: Unhelpful Workplace Social Support as a Job Stressor, Cheryl E.

Bykowski PDF Reactivity and Recovery Among OIF/OEF/OND Combat Veterans: Do Those with Subthreshold PTSD Differ From Veterans with and without PTSD?

, Paula Castro-Chapman PDF The Role of Threat-based Beliefs in Mental Health Help-Seeking Processes for Depression, Jason I.

Choquette PDF Nonresident Paternal Factors and the Psychosocial Adjustment of Black Adolescents from Single-Mother Households, Erica Elizabeth Coates PDF Development of Ethologically-Based Inhibitory Avoidance Models of Fear Memory, Savannah Dalrymple PDF Psychosocial Mechanisms of Outcome in Pediatric Psychiatry, Alessandro S.

De Nadai PDF Psychopathic Traits and Substance Use in the Context of Erotic Services and Sex Exchange among College Students, Bethany Edwards PDF Episodic Work-Family Conflict and Strain: A Dynamic Perspective, Kimberly A.Hoffmann PDF Emotional Memory for Affective Words in Manifest and Prodromal Huntington’s Disease, Patricia Lynn Johnson PDF An Anatomical Study of the Hyperpallium Densocellulare in the Pigeon (Columba livia), Sara Leilani Kellogg PDF Evaluating an Existing Training Design in a New Context: All-Inclusive Multicultural Diversity Program, Fred Macoukji PDF Something Looks Phishy Here: Applications of Signal Detection Theory to Cyber-Security Behaviors in the Workplace, Jaclyn Martin PDF A Motivational Interviewing Intervention to Increase Utilization of Smoking Cessation Services among Veterans Undergoing Substance Use Treatment, Nicole S.Menzie PDF Parsing the Influences of Nicotine and Expectancies on the Acute Effects of E-Cigarettes: A Balanced-Placebo Experiment, Amanda M.Palmer PDF Can Selection Tests Administered via Video Games Reduce Faking?, Philip Scott Ramsay PDF Development and Validation of the Distress Tolerance Questionnaire (DTQ), Elizabeth C.Postgraduate MSC Psychology dissertations from 1998-2004 are held in the Psychology & Philosophy Library. Dissertations are not available publicly until one academic year after their original submission.Dissertations submitted electronically from 2006 onwards are held online in the Edinburgh Research Archive (ERA).Grossman PDF The Relationships Among Emotion, Cognitive Dysfunction and Anosognosia in Huntington’s Disease, Danielle C.Hergert PDF Psychopathic Traits, Gender, and Sexual Motivations: Paths to Sexual Coercion, Amy M.A Quasi-Experimental Investigation of a Cognitive Dissonance-Based Eating Disorder Prevention Program in Mixed-Sex High School Populations, Christina L.Verzijl PDF Perceptions of Quality of Life, Peer Relationships, and Health Literacy in Adolescents with Phenylketonuria (PKU), Katherine L. : Synergistic Effects of Cognitive and Behavioral Frameworks to Address Substance Use and Abuse, Lauren Jaye Adams PDF The Impact of Traumatic Event Exposure in the Emergency Medical Services: A Weekly Diary Study, Stephanie A.


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