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• Alignment: Starting to find the ability to "align" what the different SP want, from the base of mutual acceptance and respect of each SP's different needs, and starting to align their different wills towards the same goal.A goal that in the best way possible meets the needs of all SPs, a goal that activates the persons journey towards his/her Visions, making it possible for the person to find his/her individual Life Path.

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SPs also often have unique resources, that are valuable in certain situations.

The process towards self-knowledge and inner growth The goal of Psychosynthesis is to help us become aware of all parts of ourselves, and to integrate all parts into a integrated, well-functioning, held-together personality, characterized by maturity and integrity.

These parts (or ‘sub-personalities’), which can come from the different roles we assume in life or from ways we have learned to behave in different situations, can behave and think in very different ways from one another.

Just think about the part of you who is a ‘Lover’ and the part that is ‘The Good Parent’: each has its own way of behaving, thinking, and being in the world.

Open and concealed parts of us Other SPs can be conscious but hidden from others, like for example "The Adventurer", "The Rebel", "The Seeker".

Other SPs again can be completely subconscious and inaccessible t awareness even for oneself, like "The Inner Child", "The Critic".

When purchasing the Elementity test, you will be able to do the test twice, thus you will be able to assess the Elementity of two of your subpersonalities for each purchase of the test. How to Ease Stress | 4 Recommendations from Toronto Stress Management Coach Aftercare and Anorexia Nervosa Diagnosis Is It That You Can't or Is It That You Won't?

If you do this, it may be valuable to select two dominant subpersonalities and two that form a "dipole", i.e. Six Common Thinking Patterns that Feed Depression Relationship Between Intelligence And Psychology Study Says Dads Have An Important Role To Play In Spouses Postpartum Depression When someone asks me for advice, I only say the one thing I know How do we Convince People that Happiness is a Self Creation?

Subpersonalities can have very different personalities In working with one's subpersonalities, especially in the Acceptance phase, it may be valuable to assess the basic personality type of specific subpersonalities.

This can be done with a tool available on the Psychosyntesis Forum site, the Elementity Test (


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