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If a person gets on a bus, plane, or train operated by a city or other municipality, or operated by a company that is in a contract with that city or municipality, he or she is riding in public transportation.The rules are different when considering public versus private transportation, of course, and the costs are also different.

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Trains Trains are not as common in the United States when it comes to public transportation.

Amtrak is popular to some degree, and there are also light rail and other trains that travel within cities to help move people efficiently.

This is due to the fact that the paper is a general overview of the issue at hand – the safety of public transportation.

While a writer should take care to cite information collected from other sources to avoid plagiarism, there is no need to "over-cite" a paper by adding source information to statements that most people already know.

THESIS: Public transportation in the United States and other developed countries is generally safe, but recent issues regarding accidents and incidents have brought to light concerns that must be addressed to protect both passengers and property. They break up the text and allow the reader to follow a logical progression of information. Some of them also walk or bicycle, depending on the climate in which they live and how close they are to their office or other place of business.

They also help keep the reader aware of what the writer is focused on in any given section. The kind of job they have also affects their mode of transportation, as some jobs require a higher level of presentation and professionalism than others.The distance to travel, the number of checked bags, and the airline also matters where cost is concerned.When choosing an airline, it is important to be aware of the price, but there are other factors that also matter.However, they will not be identical to what was stated in the outline because the outline required complete sentences.Headings throughout a paper are generally not written in complete sentences, no matter what citation style is used.If a person is driving his or her car on public roadways, that is still private transportation because the car belongs to a particular person.It does not belong to the city or a company that contracts with the city to carry passengers.It is convenient, and it is not necessarily that expensive.Most of the cost depends on how far in advance one books his or her flight.For people who do not drive, bike, or walk to work, public transportation is the best and most common option.This mode of transportation generally includes buses for getting around town, and many large cities also have commuter trains.


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