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In other words, you’ll get your breath back faster.Also, if you have a high level of aerobic fitness, you will have a higher lactic acid threshold which simply means you will be able to work harder for longer without undue fatigue.Many sportsmen fail to reap the myriad of benefits that strength training provides because they train like a bodybuilder.

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Excessive long duration, low intensity cardio can impair strength gains.

For that reason, aerobic exercise should be intense enough to trigger increased fitness but not so long that energy is wasted. That is to say, it is made up of brief periods of explosive play interspersed with breaks. Interval training, circuit training, sprints, simulated match training – all of these start/stop methods will help develop anaerobic fitness.

If you want your body to function as a whole, it needs to be trained as a whole, and that means focusing more on movements than individual muscles.

Hypertrophy-specific training undoubtedly has its place in strength training but strength training is NOT bodybuilding.

You're looking for the best rugby training resource on the web. In this guide we focus our attention on how you should train in the gym to maximise your Rugby performance on the field.

Most players train like bodybuilders for Rugby and not only is this stupid but it can even be detrimental to your performance (and injury rate). For the lazy ones, you can skip reading about the science behind our carefully formulated training system and download the PDF workouts right now.

In sports, as in daily life, the legs do not work independently of the back, the arms do not work independently of the core and the chest does not work independently of the shoulders.

Muscle groups work in synergy and not in isolation.

Increasing your overall muscle size can be very beneficial as the big guy will normally dominate the smaller guy BUT muscle gained should not be purely decorative.

Muscle that is as strong as it looks is often called functional hypertrophy.


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