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Humans were born to think; it's almost impossible to stop us.Writing helps us to bring all that activity into consciousness, helps to clarify and direct our thinking, and generate more thinking.

Humans were born to think; it's almost impossible to stop us.

In areas such as Cultural Studies and the Arts, however, human difference, individual style and voice are embraced.

Formal methodology is de-emphasized; individual interpretations, emphasized.

You are expected to leave the shore, the protected waters of secure and easy initial thinking and first drafts, to enter "deep water," where you will encounter the unexpected.

There you seek new information, new directions, new perspectives from readers and from other writers and sources.

To write a successful college paper, you will ordinarily need to follow some accepted — often time-honored — procedure in the discipline you are studying.

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Ordinarily, the process you follow is more important than the conclusions you reach.All methods, whatever the discipline, involve rejecting unexamined beliefs about our world; all seek to carefully question all claims to the truth and to identify and explore multiple and conflicting views so as to arrive at the best possible individual or collective answer. Other questions evolve from particular disciplines, areas of study, or specific studies.Writers who actively consider a number of perspectives or opinions as they develop their own usually write the best papers. Teachers and students in the area of Human Development, for example, ask questions about human behavior, about why we behave the way we do.Then, through a combination of your rethinking and your responses to new discoveries — through "re-vision" — you develop a paper very different from the one you would have been able to write in the earliest stages of the writing process. You can't explore the deep water if you can't swim.To survive and to succeed in your goal, you must be able to employ swimming and diving methods developed, ordinarily, through instruction, experience, and practice.To write a successful paper, you must have some understanding — and probably clear examples, or models — of what forms and procedures of thinking are valued in that area of study and expected in the specific assignment.Writing in the natural sciences, for example, characteristically minimizes subjective observations in favor of more objective observations and repeatable experiments as sources of truth because the personal or individual voice may introduce "human error," or bias, and lead to false answers.In attempting to win acceptance of your ideas, you invite disagreement and must be ready to consider the claims of those who disagree. It prompts us to carefully examine the evidence, the procedures of investigation, and the clarity of language in our own position and in others'.An argument that you are probably right, held in opposition to counter-arguments that you are not right, underlies almost all effective college writing.Bringing your thinking fully into consciousness and directing it as you educate yourself and build your knowledge isn't, however, simply a natural process.The best student writers are willing to experience the discomforts, dangers, and hard work of swimming into open, deep waters and changing directions a number of times as they develop their thinking through the writing process.


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