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Good Afternoon, Im not 100% sure if im in the correct forum category but here it goes......Im entering the 3rd Year of my university degree which is network engineering and cyber security.

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I have decided to create a simple tool which will compare the files on a device eg HDD, USB, possibly mobiles(Need to do additional research) Does anyone have an example hash list they would be able to provide in order to save me from recreating a whole new hash set of documents, pictures, applications etc?

Any other considerations anyone could add would be a great help.

A more fine tuned system would be less costly and most likely faster than a generalist solution.

Consider a system which has SATA support, so you can image to a sufficient amount of storage.Thanks Luke If you look at several portable (luggable) forensic devices, they have So C with some embedded OS.Disk duplicators, cell phone collecting devices, and many more work this way. Caveat - the Rasp Pi is truly for prototyping, not for production.I am looking at completing my dissertation around digital forensics, the topic will be raspberry pi VS hi spec laptop to see the comparison between the two pieces of hardware and the speed and data differences.Firstly just asking if there are any good distribution that i could be using for this , and if possible could i make my own distribution with different tools for digital forensics ? Also this sounds very cheeky, but is there anywhere that i could ask in the UK to donate the equipment for me to use to do this project ?Arduinos on their own are powerful enough for IR Robots, HR monitors, etc.RB Pi's are good for projects that require parallel processing (whereas Arduino are usually limited in that respect).We use cookies to make interactions with our website easy and meaningful, to better understand the use of our services, and to tailor advertising.For further information, including about cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy .Thanks in advance, Luke You can download a large set of hashes from gov/itl/ssd/s...-hash-sets However, ...managing large hash collections may lead you away from your primary goal: it may be easier to stick to a small sample set that you create yourself, say, from a default Linux or Free BSD installation.


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