Reading Critical Thinking Activities

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Shared reading combines aspects of guided reading and read-aloud strategies.

During shared reading, a teacher or proficient student reads the text aloud, pausing at pre-selected moments to discuss content and analyze the text.

Generating Interactions between Schemata and Texts (GIST) is a summarization procedure that helps students digest complex texts by requiring contextual word learning.

GIST explicitly combines the most important words with reading and writing to comprehend complex texts.

It also requires them to reconsider their original thinking after reading the text and to use textual evidence to support and explain their thinking.“Annolighting” (annotating and highlighting) shows students how to identify critical information in a text during close reading.

Students learn to annotate text, highlight important facts and summarize what they have read to capture main ideas, concepts and details.

To do this well, students will often need to re-read the text several times.

This approach privileges the text over prior knowledge, personal experience and pre-reading activities.

While engaging in DR-TA, students interrupt their reading periodically to predict what developments might logically follow.

This strategy works well with texts in which the outcome of the narrative is uncertain (e.g., “cliffhangers”).


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