Record Company Business Plan

), it doesn’t mean you’re going to have an easier go of making a living.

In fact, creating your own venture while doing anything connected to music can be incredibly tough and unless you’re really willing to give it your everything, don’t sink any real resources into the project to begin with.

Of course, just because you’re not necessarily going to be behind the microphone (or maybe you’ll be doing that as well?

More cynical types might disagree but here’s why I think it’s a good idea: the music industry always needs more passionate people to get involved and learn the ways of the business.

There are a million things I could tell you about starting a record company and you should do a lot more reading than just this one piece if you’re serious about it, but here are four things you’re going to need (and a few things you’ll need to know) when it comes to starting a record label.

Lots of people who either start record labels or who have dreams of doing so don’t necessarily realize what these companies do.

Are you unsure as to how you'll even find new investors for your record label?

Well, don't get frustrated and give up on your dreams just yet..have your solution!

Be honest with yourself here because it would be a shame to work hard and commit funds to something only to realize later you were doing it for the wrong reasons.

Finally, what will separate your label from the hundreds of thousands of others out there?


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