Request For Medical Records Cover Letter Uk

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Wanting to ensure that this test wasn’t an anomaly it was suggested I book in a second test.

I booked to see the same GP online, which was great as I had consistency and he was aware of my case.

Unfortunately for our friend, the GP wasn’t aware of how easy it is to share health records with patients.

Let’s hope the GP is now more informed and is encouraging other patients to take control of their own health records.

You should check the organisation’s website or contact Information Governance department for further details on how to apply.

To make sure you are provided with the best care or service for you, your information may need to be shared with authorised individuals directly involved in your care.

To make all the different services available to you with Evergreen Life, make sure to ask your surgery for 'full record access.' An Evergreen Life user spoke to us about this disappointing experience with his GP practice when seeking access to his data.

Here’s what he had to say:“Having booked to see my doctor through GP online services to discuss a blood test result, I was found to have a high iron count.

This should only be done if it is needed in your interests.

Your relatives, friends and carers may be given information about you, but only if you agree, or in circumstances where it is necessary to make sure your health and well-being.


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