Research Paper About Computer Addiction

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According to the American Center for Online Addiction, indeed, five specific types of Internet Addictions have been identified in general terms: 1) Cyber Sexual Addiction. Addicted people turn out to be too much involved with cyber relationships and they can even be caught up in cyber adultery (Lavenia, Marcucci, 2005). All virtual communities which people can create public or semi-public profiles. The abundance of information on the Internet creates a new compulsive behaviour which is related to the web surfing or searching of databases.

Facebook is the most famous social network; it counts 60 millions of users constantly growing. It includes a wide range of behaviours like gambling, video games, shopping and obsessive e-trading. Addicted people use more and more time to search and organize data.

However, some distinctive elements are recognisable. They let to identify some Internet Addiction behaviours at risk.

Such elements are: salience, frequency, duration, intensity, withdrawal symptoms, and conflict, relapse.

It also interferes in a more and more obsessive-compulsive way with the biochemical and nervous systems negatively affecting the way of living and for some people it is able to change personal perceptions of space/time, perceptual levels the unconsciousness, and produces neurobiological abnormalities (Potenza, 2006).

To be short, internet addicted people are not instantly aware of their subjection and even when they are likely to be aware, symptoms - which may be various depending on the specific problem - are drift to be hide (Nettuno, 2010). Specific types of Internet Addiction If, as previously stated, recognizing addictions is not something easy to do, it can be said that addictions exist when: a subject's behaviour affects mental and physical health; it damages relationships with family and friends; it interferes with work; it causes economical instability; it incites to commit crimes (De Postis, et al., 2009).- The need to log on to the Internet more and more often and for length of time extended compared with what planned in advance.- The inability to interrupt or keep under control the use of the Internet.- Other researches have shown that addicted people may have personality disorders like: - Mood disorders, anxiety, and impulse dyscontrol.- With regard to health issues, addicted people have: - Sleep disturbances, back aches, head aches, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, tired eyes, bad eating habits (Davis, 2001).From a cognitive-behavioural prospective, some authors say that some maladjusted perceptions are observable in Internet Addicted people: - Distorted thoughts about self and the world.- Distorted perceptions about experiences of inadequacy, insecurity, low self-confidence, and relationship problems.In this intention, according to the Center for Online Addiction American, there are 5specific types of Internet addiction: 1. Cyber addiction - relational (virtual relations), 3.Addiction to Gaming Net (virtual games or role), 4.- A pronounced lack of interest in all activities except the Internet.- When the addiction is reduced or interrupted, experiencing psychomotor agitation, anxiety, depression, obsessive thinking about what is going on the Internet, typical withdrawal symptoms (Shapira, Lessig, Goldsmith, 2003).


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