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The adaptation of existing models of customer experience to meet the needs of emerging markets is therefore becoming urgent and can largely serve to advance services science literature in general and experiential consumption literature in particular.We selected the African continent because within the past five years, the growth of internet penetration and online shopping has been geometric leading to retail format blurring.The study also indicates that shoppers seize other shoppers’ reviews as a suitable platform to engage in a wide range of behaviors.

The major limitation of this study is that the proposed conceptual model was not empirically tested. The managerial implications of the findings are that in addition to providing superior shopping experience through enhancing the drivers of OSE identified in this study, online retailers must work assiduously to reduce incidents leading to service failures and promptly undertake service recovery actions whenever service failure occurs. Download as . RIS The retail sector has undergone and will continue to undergo transformation in the coming years, especially as multichannel retailing has become the dominant operating business model for most retailers (Doherty and Ellis-Chadwick, 2010).

Online retailers especially those operating in emerging markets will therefore benefit from their service recovery investments if they proactively install processes that enable them to promptly and satisfactorily recover failed services. E-commerce grew at a rate that has even outpaced traditional channels of retailing.

While e-commerce has been widely cited as the new marketing frontier, thus necessitating the need to deliver seamless shopping experiences across various online channels to achieve success, very few firms have the well withal to clearly tie customer experience investments to marketing outcomes.

Theoretically speaking, the understanding of the drivers and outcomes of online shopping experience especially group behavior is imprecise.

But the consumption experience theory emphasizes the utility of group behavior (Verhoef ., 2016).

Thus, it is difficult if not impossible to rigorously apply evidences from developed markets in emerging markets.

OSE is variously perceived as the frequency of online purchases (Chen ., 2009), engaging customers in a personal way (Pine and Gilmore, 1999) while some definitions emphasize the customer service perspective (Klaus, 2013).

One apparent shortfall in the above perspectives of OSE is that they all view customers as passive receptors of value.

This paper contributes to service science research by proposing a unique belief-attitude-intention model of the drivers and outcomes of OSE on a relatively underexplored field. (2018), "Online shopping experience in an emerging e-retailing market", Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing, Vol. In the USA, for instance, Forrester research predicted that online retail sales will hit 0bn by 2017, up from 1bn in 2013 (Lomas, 2013).

The proposed conceptual model advances the stimulus-organism-response framework, theory of planned behavior, satisfaction theories and shopping behavior literature in several directions. In South Africa, 51 per cent of individuals with internet access shop online; in Kenya, 18-24 per cent individuals shop online (Internet Business Statistics, 2016).


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