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If sensor networks are to attain their potential, security is one of the most important aspects to be taken care of.

The need for security in military applications is obvious, but even more benign uses, such as home health monitoring, habitat monitoring and sub-surface exploration require confidentiality.

Each node in the network participates in routing and forwards data for other nodes.

Routing algorithm and network connectivity are the key parameters to determine which node will forward the data.

It is a wireless network of two or more devices and uses high-frequency radio waves for communication. The communication is for limited coverage area like homes, offices, schools.

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WLAN is based on IEEE 802.11 standard and commonly referred as Wi-Fi.

consumer when it comes to connecting the new breed of Home Automation (HA) equipment.

With the plethora of thermostats, lights, locks and consumer friendly HA devices hitting the market from Nest, Philips, Belkin, Honeywell, Insteon, Schlage and others, it has become increasingly difficult for consumers who desire to install their own systems or work with a low-end installer, to decide which technologies make logical sense to control their entire home.

There are various topics in wireless communication for thesis, project and research.

Following are the list of current thesis topics in wireless communication: MIMO is an antenna-based technology of wireless communication in which both sender and receiver uses multiple antennas to enhance the capacity of a radio link.


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